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We Did It!

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Boom Goes the Bounty Security meets sexy in Stroken’s unique platform. Ask for what you want on a cryptocurrency platform that keeps your identity 100% anonymous.

Dirty minds and the internet's sexiest performers come together in Stroken’s unique platform — crowdfunded custom porn, on demand.

Here's How It Works

Ask for It, Baby — Create a bounty for what YOU want to see, completely anonymously. Nobody knows what you want but you, but everyone can help you pay for it.

Fund the Fun — The bigger the bounty, the better the booty. As your Bounty gets attention, it gets cryptocurrency funds from other fans who want to see the same thing.

Oh Yeah — As a bounty campaign gets more funds, it gets more attention, and more fun-funders wanting to see the goods.

Top Talent and Amateur Aces — Anyone’s invited to deliver on a bounty, from A-list porn stars to amateurs looking to break into the digital stage. As they deliver on top-quality content, they get more popular, and build a rep for being the naughtiest talent in the biz.

See It All, And Be Seen — Whether you’re already a silver screen star or are just breaking into the porn scene, you have a chance to make it big on Stroken. Be seen based on your votes or tips alongside names big and small, and get noticed for YOUR unique talents.

The Big Show — When your bounty gets big and tempting enough for a star to step up and take the stage, both you and the talent gets paid with the funds your campaign raised. That’s right — the brains and the booty behind the operation get a piece of the pie.

Cashing Out — Once the show’s over, content creators can take the pr0n tokens earned from the bounty to an exchange, or use it to fund their own fun on Stroken — the choice is yours.